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Master Mechanic Blog Index | 2014
Posted by Christopher Tersigni December 2014

I don’t really mind watching new innovations choke the old guard of business -- as long as it helps the consumer. Watching Uber and Lyft do battle with the tired old taxi cab business model has recently found its way in front of my lamps. Read more...
Posted by Christopher Tersigni November 2014

Tesla. Just the name invokes some kind of emotion. Cool name, great looking car. I think this is the car company that you either love or hate; the middle is void. I’m in the void category myself. Read more...
Posted by Kathy Jambor November 2014

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in your car, driving along, when you see movement up ahead. As you get closer, you realize it’s a deer by the side of the road, looking like it’s going to cross right in front of your car! You only have a few seconds to react. You instinctively pump your brakes Read more...
Posted by Christopher Tersigni October 2014

Full disclosure: I do not now, nor ever have, owned a Ford. In my early days, I liked Pontiacs (still do), so that pitted me against Ford in the Ford vs. Chevy (common metaphor for the whole of GM) arguments. Funny how we did that back in the day. But now, after many years, and a movement of about t Read more...