A scooter or moped can't function without electricity. The electrical circuit consists of many different parts. That is why we have divided it into different groups. To make sure you buy the right product, it is best to set the vehicle filter at the top of the page. After filling in the brand, type and model, the complete site will be filtered for your chosen model. Especially for original parts this is recommended. The universal parts will not be filtered out.


Without battery the scooter or moped cannot start. The batteries come in many different models. Some batteries come with an acid package. The batteries must then be filled with battery acid. There are also maintenance free batteries from Yuasa. You fill the battery once with battery acid. After filling, the battery is closed and does not need to be refilled with battery water. There are also batteries that come with acid. The battery is filled with this acid and needs to be refilled with battery water if it falls below the level.

Main Switches

In this group you will find a new ignition for your scooter for Piaggio, Vespa and RMS. If you have lost the key to your scooter, we sell blind keys. The key maker can make a new key.

Electrical Tools

In the Electrical tools group you will find all the tools to make working even easier. Whether you are looking for a battery charger to test your battery or a stripper for your cables. You will find it all in this group. All tools can be used universally. Towards the end of the summer a lot of people store their scooter for the winter. A battery charger prevents your battery from draining during the winter months.

Buttons & Switches

This group consists of various types of switches that you can add on your scooter or moped, such as a new brake light switch or various steering switches. The switches are brand specific so it is important to use our vehicle filter. By filling in the brand, model and type the whole website will be filtered for your vehicle.  This way you know for sure that you are ordering the right products.


Also with this group it is very important to use the vehicle filter. Because these parts are very specific for the different mopeds and scooters, it is important to use this filter. This way you can be sure that you order the right spark plug, starter relay and voltage regulators. 

Charging Terminals

A charging connection on your scooter or motorcycle is very handy. For example, for charging your phone or connecting your navigation system. The connector can be installed in the lockable glove box.

Cable Connectors

Find here the tools for stripping a cable or a connecting sleeve to attach the cables to each other. We offer the plugs in various colours to easily identify the cables.


The lighting on a moped or scooter is indispensable. It must therefore work correctly at all times.  You will find taillight units, indicators and headlights here. With these items it is important to use the vehicle filter. If you are in doubt whether the lighting fits your vehicle, you can always contact customer service.


The fuses in a scooter or moped are used to prevent the wiring from burning through. This can be caused by a short circuit or too high a load. Here you will find, among other things, an Assortment box (133-piece) with different fuses. We also sell separate fuses.