Equipment and outfit fits Peugeot Metropolis


Equipment & Outfit

Everything in this group has to do with the equipment you can wear on the scooter. A good equipment provides more comfort while riding.  It also gives a little extra safety. In this group you will also find child seats and shoe protectors. In the multimedia group you will find GPS holders and phone holders.


Goggles are most commonly used if the helmet does not have a visor. The helmets can easily be attached with a strap at the back.  The crossgoggles are, as the name suggests, suitable for cross helmets. Because the goggles continue on the side you have a wider view. This is a great advantage during cross riding. The goggles close properly around the face so that no mud or dirt can get into your eyes.


The use of gloves provides better protection for your hands in the event of a crash. The gloves have a leather wear-resistant inside and knuckle protection. In this group you will find summer, mid-season and winter gloves. The gloves are all approved for public roads. When purchasing the gloves, it is important to take the right size into account. On our website you will find an overview to determine the size of your glove. A glove that is too big has a lot of space which makes your hands colder. Gloves that are too tight pinch your fingers, which also causes cold hands.


Wearing a helmet on a moped or scooter is becoming compulsory in more and more countries and cities. When choosing a helmet, it is important to order the right size. On our website we have a handy overview of how the helmet size is determined. If you have any doubts about the size of your helmet, you can always contact our customer service.

A helmet that is too large offers insufficient protection in the event of a crash. A helmet that is too small will pinch on the forehead and cause headaches. Most helmets have a removable inner lining and cheek pads. This way, your helmet will stay fresher longer if it is worn a lot. A built-in sun visor comes in handy during the summer days. This means you do not have to wear sunglasses under your helmet.

Child seats

From the age of 3 years children are allowed on the back of the scooter. These child seats from Stamatakis ensure that your child can safely ride on the back. The child seat resembles a car seat. The child is fastened by means of belts. From the age of 8, children no longer need to use a child seat.


Here you will find, among other things, various trousers and jackets. For the colder days we sell helmets, scarves and turtlenecks. Protect yourself during a rainstorm with our rainwear and stay warm with a jumper from Yamaha. Also find Merchandise from brands such as Akrapovic, Malossi, Polini or Vespa.


Find here a mounting set for a TomTom or a GPS holder from Yamaha. If you want to listen to music while riding the scooter, we have communication systems from Twiins. These communication systems are linked to your phone via Bluetooth.  This way you can make phone calls and listen to your favourite music. The communication systems are easily integrated into the helmet. The speakers are placed in the cheek pads. With Voice Answering you can take a call by using your voice.

If you use your smartphone as a navigation system, we have Piaggio smartphone holders here. You will also find various installation kits for installing a multimedia platform on your Piaggio MP3.

Shoe protectors

For drivers of a switch moped, the shoe protector is the solution to prevent damaged shoes. By placing a shoe protector, the nose of your shoe remains intact while you don't lose the feeling of shifting gear.

Safety Vests

To be even more visible in the dark, it is recommended to wear a safety vest. These vests are worn over the normal jacket and have a fluorescent colour. They are also provided with a reflective band for even more visibility. When buying a safety vest it is advisable to take one size larger than the size of the jacket.