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Why Purchase Genuine OEM parts?

Automotive dealers have the parts you need now in stock, ready for local pick up or nationwide shipment. You prefer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts because:
• OEM parts have been designed and tested for quality and performance
• Higher vehicle resale value is maintained by servicing your car with OEM parts
• Genuine OEM parts are designed by the vehicle manufacturer meaning these are the same parts that were on your car when it shipped from the factory
• OEM parts typically fit better so you do not take additional time to make adjustments during the repair
• The warranty on many OEM parts is often better than the warranty on competitive parts
How does it work?
• Use search engines to find stocking automotive dealers on
• Go directly to and enter your part number and confirm your location
• SEARCH to find the closest dealer with in-stock part availability
• Click to ORDER your part online or request more information from the stocking dealer

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