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Find in this group an extensive assortment when it comes to the protection of both the rider and the moped or scooter. A good equipment ensures that both the rider and the scooter are well protected on the road. By using our vehicle filter you will find out which products are suitable for your vehicle. All you have to do is fill in the make, model and type and everything on the website is then filtered. 

Leg Covers

A leg cover protects the driver from rain and cold. This cover protects the legs and part of the upper body. When not in use it can easily stay on the scooter. The legcovers are also equipped with an anti-theft cable. Find in this group legcovers from Piaggio, Sym, Tucano Urbano and Vespa.


If the moped or scooter is not used for a while, the use of a vehicle cover is a good solution. By putting this vehicle cover over your moped or scooter it will be protected against rain, wind, dirt and other weather influences. This keeps your moped or scooter in perfect condition. In addition to the vehicle covers for the scooter, you will also find saddle covers here.

Protection Bars

The protection bars give your scooter a different look. These bars can be mounted at the rear, on the side and on the front mudguard. In this way, your scooter is protected against damage in case of a fall or tipping over. The chrome bars protect the hoods of the moped or scooter. Because the protection bars are brand related, we recommend using our vehicle filter.

Handlebar Muffs

In addition to warm legs, it is also important to keep your hands warm. The handlebar muffs are a good option for this. These handlebar muffs are attached to the handlebar and protect the hands from wind and rain. The handlebar  muffs are made of a waterproof material. If necessary, gloves can still be worn under the andlebar muffs. Some muffs have a transparent window through which the buttons remain visible.


A good windscreen ensures that the driver sits out of the wind and is protected from rain, wind insects and dirt. The windscreens are available in different types. The touring windscreens are somewhat lower, the summer windscreens can be found mainly on a motor scooter, the special windscreens are suitable for a motor scooter and have a dark tint and the exclusive windscreens are the best known windscreens. These screens are higher and are often mounted on scooters. At the bottom of the product it is indicated whether loose brackets should be ordered for this windscreen.