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All Sym accessories under one roof, especially for you!

EasyParts cares about its customers and knows how important it is to have the right equipment for your scooter or maxi scooter. You can find all accessories for your Sym quickly and easily by using the vehicle filter on our website. Select the Sym brand, the model such as GTS, Fiddle or Orbit and the model year. Then our site will offer all accessories that fit your model.

Sym accessories provide better driving comfort!

Once the vehicle filter is enabled for your model, you can find the right accessories to protect you from the cold and rain like a leg cover that is specially made for your Sym. We also have universal leg covers. Thanks to brands like T.J. Marvin, Sym or Tucano Urbano it is possible to keep your legs warm and dry. We also offer original Sym handlebar muffs that protect your hands and offer extra comfort when driving in cold seasons.

A Sym Top case gives you enough room for  your lugage!

With a top case, you can be sure  you can store your helmet in a safe place when you arrive at your destination. For Sym scooters we offer original Sym top cases but also universal Coocase top cases from different sizes. A rear carrier may be required to mount a top box on your Sym. If you often take a passenger along on your scooter, you might want to use a backrest that has been specially designed for your top case.

Find the right smartphone accessory to use on your Sym!

Smartphones are part of nowadays life, therefor we also offer useful accessories for smartphone use on your Sym. This original smartphone holder allows you to use your phone as GPS-navigation while driving your scooter. These splash-proof smartphone holders are also available from other brands such as TNT and are easy to mount under the mirror.

Do you already have a battery charger for your Sym?

If, for example during winter storage, your scooter is not used for a while and you want to keep the battery in good condition, we have got what you need. A battery charger is a very useful accessory for this. Sym offers one that can be used for all models of scooters and maxi scooters. We also offer battery chargers from other popular brands like Fulbat and Novascoot.

Find a windshield that fits your Sym at Easyparts.

We know using a windshield is a real addition to your driving comfort. It protects your from wind, rain and flies you will come across on your trip. Sym offers genuine windshields for most of their models. Brands like Fabbri or Novascoot also offer windscreens for various Sym scooters. Whether you ride a Maxsym, Cruisym or Mio, we know you'll find the right accessory for your model.