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Malaguti accessories at EasyParts

With EasyParts, you are sure to find the right accessory for your Malaguti Centro, F12 Phantom but also your F15 Firefox. Thanks to our vehicle filter available on the home page of our website, you can easily find the items you need.

Do you need some Malaguti accessories to revive your scooter?

Search no more. We have all the accessories available for Malaguti scooters. The saddle of your scooter is worn, or damaged by years of usage or due to outdoor parking? We reccomend that you use a seat cover on your scooter which will allow you to give it a new look and will bring you comfort and style. Xtreme, for example is a popular brand for the production of pratical, simple and easy to install seat covers but also TNT produces covers for various scooters.

You cannot drive without Malaguti accessories that protect you from the wind.

To improve the driving comfort on your scooter, especially if you use it very regularly for road trips or to go to work, we suggest a very nice accessory that beautifies your scooter. Choose a windscreen, an essential accessory against insects, which also guarantees real protection against wind and rain. Famous original brands such as PIAGGIO, Vespa, SYM but also brands like MALOSSI, FABBRI and FACO produce windscreens for many models of scooters and maxi scooters from Honda, Kymco and many others.

The Malaguti accessory against theft

When you ride your scooter or maxi scooter to shop or go to work, you need an anti-theft accessory that you can quickly activate while parking your scooter. Go for an antitheft device that will scare away any thief.  These devices will protect your vehicle. An mechanical antitheft like handle bar locks are high quality items made by well-known branks like CLM. In the range of the antitheft devices there are many types of locks like cables, U-shaped locks or chain locks. Each device has been designed for one specific type of scooter or maxi scooter, you can easily find the one that is suggested for your specific vehicle.