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Rubber cover gear lever T.J. Marvin A25

Rubber cover gear lever T.J. Marvin A25 Logo T.J. Marvin
6,60 €

Shoe protector T.J. MARVIN Black

Shoe protector T.J. MARVIN Black Logo T.J. Marvin
In stock
In stock
11,00 €

EasyParts takes care of every detail.

A gear lever protection is important despite prejudice. When you regularly use the gears on the motorcycle, you have to switch regularly with your foot and you unintentionally damage the shoe in the long term.

The shoe protector for you !

The gear lever protector is an invention. The shoe protector is an accessory that is essential when riding a motorcycle. Switching will wear out or damage your shoes. We know that many people often use their scooter to get to work, so buy a gear lever protector that protects your sneaker, shoe or motorcycle boot. The reinforcement is a minimalist item that you can easily take with you in your sports bag or saddle compartment, but also in your glove box.

The shoe protector, one size fits all.

The gear lever protector adapts to every type of shoe, but also to every size. The shoe protector is generally a rubber accessory and is secured with elastic straps at the back of the shoe and in front. Some gear lever reinforcements have Velcro fasteners. The shift guards we sell are universal, so there is no need to check if it fits.

Which brand shoe protector ?

On our website we have gear lever protectors for mopeds or motorcycles from the well-known Italian brand T.J. Marvin produced by CGMItalia. T.J. Marvin produces many essential accessories for the scooter, maxi scooter or motorcyclist. The selector reinforcements from this popular brand provide significant protection for your shoe while riding your vehicle.