Closed Helmets CGM

CGM closed helmets at EasyParts

How not to fall for a helmet of this great Italian brand. Given its wide choice and large range of colours, it is simply impossible that you do not want to visit our shop and discover all that we can offer. Need a pilot equipment that brings you safety, comfort and a look that suits you, go to the sections we have, we assure you will find the model you are looking for. Whether you are a daily driver or a Sunday driver, the types of helmets offered are ideal. The range includes Flip-Up, Cross but also Full-Face. Find the one that you will use for a long time on paved roads or on the beaten track.

CGM Flip-Up helmets

When you drive your vehicle regularly, especially when you travel in the major cities or often stop to refuel, make a fast trip or any other quick activity, the Flip-Up helmet is the helmet that we recommend. Thanks to the chin piece you can flip up, stopping for an instant is no longer a constraint. Simply raise the chin piece once you stop and refuel without even removing your helmet. Need to drink a sip between two trips, just make use of this option and you are hydrating effortlessly. The CGM 506A Osaka Flip-Up Helmet is an example of a beautiful helmet that appeals thanks to its sobriety and refinement. Even if the Flip-Up is a ‘closed’ helmet, it is very airy. Equipped with air intakes and air extractors these models are very comfortable to wear.

CGM Cross helmets

Motocrossenthusiast, off-road riders, we know that it is important for you to have a Cross helmet rather than any other kind of helmet. Thanks to the Cross helmet, you will challenge your opponents during competitions easily and comfortably. Do not neglect the choice of your head protection, this essential accessory for your safety. Select your CGM Cross helmet in this category and you will only see the models designed for you. Some versions are equipped with visors but others also with sun visors. For EasyParts, it is inconceivable that our customers cannot get spare parts once they have made their purchases on our site, which is why we choose CGM. You will always find the helmet cap, helmet cap fixation kit or even air extractors for your model of helmet.

CGM Full-face helmets

More chilly, more careful! Check out the CGM Full-face helmets featuring many modern graphics and trendy colours. A thermoplastic shell, perimetral rim, a well thought out ventilation system and a quick flip-up visor make these the most asked for closed helmets. This helmet is subject to tear and wear when scooter drivers, maxi scooter drivers or even motorcyclists drive when the weather is harsh because it protects you from rain, wind and cold during winter but not only! It makes you feel safer with its encompassing shell and integrated chin protection. Be reassured and wear a Full-face helmet when driving on roads where traffic is dense and sometimes more dangerous.