Gilera Accessories

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At Easyparts you can find all accessories that complete your Gilera scooter.

By using the handy vehicle filter available on our home page, you can easily choose the right accessories for your Gilera scooter or motorcycle. All you have to do is enter your brand, model and type and only the relevant products will show!

An essential Gilera accessory to improve driving comfort.

When you ride your scooter or maxi scooter, like a Gilera DNA, Fuoco, GP800, Runner or a Nexus, you need protection from wind, rain or flying insects. We offer windshields that protect you from this. Besides the genuine Gilera windshields Easyparts sells Fabbri windshields too. These well-priced products perfectly fit  your scooter.

Looking for a top case for your Gilera scooter?

A standard scooter often has not enough space to take along all you need to. For this we offer several top cases that can also be used to store your helmet once your Gilera is parked. Attention: to mount a top case on your scooter a rear carrier might be needed.

Stay warm and dry on your Gilera in winter time!

Traveling with your Gilera scooter is fast and convenient but might get hard in winter time.  To keep yourself warm and dry while driving, Easyparts offers leg covers that fit your scooter. For Gilera scooters we have Tucano Urbano, TJ Marvin and TNT leg covers. By using the vehicle filter you can find the available options for your scooter. 

With the right anti-theft accessories you can feel safe to park your Gilera outside.   

If you have to park your scooter in an unsecured area an alarm system is no luxury. For this we supply genuine Piaggio alarm systems that are made to protect your Gilera from theft.  The siren of the remote controlled alarm system gives a loud alarm signal while the blinkers flash. For the best security we offer various locks you can use to protect your Gilera. Locks are available in different types and brands. We offer the best handlebar locks made by CLM, a heavy NOVASCOOT chain lock and many types of brake disc locks.