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Tucano Urbano was born in Milan in 1999. Five men wondered how to travel in the rain on a scooter. From there the first legcover was born, with two choices, one for Vespa and the second for all the other scooter models. Nowadays more than forty models are produced and handlebar muffs have been added. The strengths of this company are dedication, precision and the use of high-quality materials and technologies that make life on the road more practical, comfortable and protective.

Leg covers Tucano Urbano

Tucano Urbano legcovers are equipped with a thermoregulation system. This manufacturer equips its legcovers with an inner lining for better comfort. They protect the driver's legs during cold weather or a rainstorm. They are practical because they have storage compartments and an anti-theft ring for optimal security when parking your scooter. Leg covers are highly recommended for a pleasant ride. These legcovers are equipped with a patented S.G.A.S. anti-flotation system that prevents the legcover from rattling when riding or from being blown up by the wind at high speed. They are of course waterproof. When the scooter is parked, it serves as a saddle cover.

Handlebar Muffs Tucano Urbano

Handlebar muffs are essential for low season driving. Tucano Urbano distinguishes itself by thinking of everything, such as creating handlebar muffs so that everyone can get the right pair of gloves for their vehicle. Steering muffs keep hands dry and warm for better driving comfort. They are also equipped with reflectors for optimum safety. Buying Tucano Urbano handlebar muffs is essential for driving in the cooler season. So don't wait any longer, order them while there is still time!

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This Italian company manufactures its legcovers with a three-layer structure to guarantee waterproofness and thermal protection. Some models have a heavy-duty waterproof polyamide exterior with welded seams for unparalleled waterproofness. This company excels in the production of pro-legcovers. The PRO fittings are hydroscopic, which guarantees perfect waterproofing and has the special feature of being usable in all seasons. In the winter season it is sufficient to keep the heavy cover, in the summer it is sufficient to detach this part without removing it from the vehicle. This brand does not neglect anything, because during a rainy day the driver can grab the rain cover quickly and easily. Smartphone users will always be satisfied to fully use their mobile phone thanks to the integrated protective cover for the smartphone.