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Cylinders and cylinder parts on EasyParts

The cylinder group of the engine is divided into a number of important parts. At EasyParts you will find the cylinder elements in one group so that you do not forget anything when replacing the cylinder. Also use our vehicle filter, which is available on the home page of our site and filter the band, model and type of your scooter or maxi scooter. The entire site is then filtered for you to ensure the application of the selected parts.

The camshaft, an important element for the cylinder.

The intake valves open and close, at time T, thanks to the camshaft. The camshaft combines the stroke of the crankshaft with the valves. Buying the right camshaft is important. With the brands Malossi, Polini, Top Performances or even TNT, choose the camshaft from the standard, EVO, Power Cam or TPR versions. The camshaft can be available in Mid-Race, Sport or Standard type. Camshafts are available for many scooters and maxi scooters such as Piaggio or Yamaha.

The cylinder head, combustion chamber of the cylinder.

The cylinder head is an indispensable part of the cylinder kit. The cylinder head is the cover of the cylinder and closes off the combustion chamber with it. The combustion chamber is the space between the top of the piston and the cylinder head. Make sure you choose the right cylinder head for your cylinder. With some cylinders, the original cylinder head can be retained. The cylinder head has a hole to mount the spark plug in and is secured by means of four cylinder studs that you can also find on our site under the heading cylinder.

The cylinder, the heart of the engine.

For the cylinder, information such as bore, stroke and displacement are essential factors. Select your cylinder according to the engine of your scooter. Check if it is liquid or air cooled. The cylinders of the original type are often made of cast iron. Big Bore cylinders are generally made of aluminum. For example, Aprilia, Vespa or Peugeot scooters we offer various brands of cylinders such as DR, Novascoot, TNT, Polini, Malossi and Top Performances.

A cylinder cannot be mounted without cylinder studs.

Don't miss the essential parts to replace your cylinder. Cylinder bolts or studs are required to mount the cylinder to the crankcase. Whether you have a 50cc Minarelli AM6 or a horizontal Minarelli scooter, you will need the correct cylinder studs if they are not included with the purchase of your new cylinder, unless your original studs are still in good condition.

You have also come to the right place at EasyParts for the right cylinder gaskets.

We find different types of gaskets in an engine block. The cylinder gaskets ensure a perfect seal of the cylinder kit. Cylinder gaskets are available on our site from several brands such as Centauro, RMS or TNT. The base gasket is mounted between the cylinder and the crankcase and the head gasket between the cylinder and the cylinder head. We sell various gaskets for many types of engines such as Aprilia-Rotax, Derbi/Piaggio and more. You can also find valve seals and valve cover gaskets for Honda or GY6 4-stroke engines here.

The piston, a complex part of the cylinder kit.

The piston has an influential role in creating the explosion necessary for the operation of a fuel engine, as the piston compresses the fuel mixture. To find the right new piston you need to know which cylinder is mounted on your scooter or motorcycle, the brand, the displacement, the bore and the piston pin size of the old piston. If in doubt about where to find the piston dimensions, email the technical department and they will direct you to the correct piston.

Valve springs, additional parts of the cylinder head.

The valve spring allows the valve to seal the combustion chamber by pushing it up. Valve springs are usually sold in sets of four. In particular, from the Malossi brand, valve spring sets exist. Malossi has valve springs that fit Aprilia Atlantic, Scarabeo, Gilera DNA, Runner, Malaguti and various other scooters.

The valves take care of the gas exchange.

The camshaft allows the valves to open and close at the right time. Each valve performs a movement in a specific sequence. The intake valves, set in motion by the camshaft, allow the fuel mixture to flow into the cylinder, after combustion, the exhaust valves allow the burnt exhaust gases to flow back from the cylinder to the exhaust.

A piston cannot function without piston rings.

We sell genuine piston rings through the exploded views under 'original parts' for the various popular brands listed on our site such as Yamaha, SYM, Peugeot, Piaggio. But we also offer piston rings from alternative brands such as Malossi, Polini, Top Performances and many others. With most brands, the piston rings are visible on the cylinder under the heading 'cylinders' and then 'spare parts' of the cylinder. The piston rings can be sold individually or as a set.