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EasyParts offers all Peugeot spare parts on this site.

Peugeot is a brand thar has mopedsscooters, maxi scooters as well as motorbikes in its range. Thanks to our vehicle filter, you can choose the right Peugeot parts quickly. The vehicle filter has been put in place to guide you in your search for genuine parts.

Any spare part is available for any kind of moped.

You can directly select the original Vogue or the the Fox model on our website.We offer original parts for these vehicles and many others. Use the exploded views provided to find the original spare part to repair your moped. Keep an eye on the details posted on our site to choose the right version and purchase the exact original part. Ingnition failure, a broken mudguard, or a faulty speedometer, look no further, we have any spare part in our section Peugeot Original Parts.

Looking for a genuine spare part for a scooter ?

There are many popular Peugeot vehicles like VivacitySpeedfightTrekker and also Django so it is no wonder we sell all of these original parts currently manufactured for these scooters. Also, check out the other models, we sure have them. Original parts bring reliability to your two-wheeler. The repertoire of original parts includes cylinders, pistons, variators, variator weights, belts, chassis's, cables but also screws, gaskets, exhausts and much more.

Genuine spare parts for all Metropolis's.

EasyParts has all Peugeot two- and three-wheel vehicles on its site. The original parts are the best option if you need to repair or replace an item on your maxi scooter. Your Metropolis 400 exists in two versions: SBC ou ABS, so we invite you to consult the correct section. All the original parts are present. With information such as year, engine, model code or serial number (VIN), you can select  the exact model with just a few clicks. Do not wait any longer and get your original parts.

EasyParts provides the original parts for 125 and 50 cc bikes.

You often ride your motorcycle, but it is likely that it will need some repairing or you have to do some maintenance due to tear and wear. To do this, equip yourself with the original parts such as belts or rims. By selecting the exploded views, you have access to the original parts visible on the numbered drawing. The numbers in the drawings denote the original parts and on the right hand side of the screen you can choose the desired number to order it. Choosing the model  XP6 or XR7, for example, you will find any kind of genuine part.