Vespa Accessories

Filter for vehicle model: has most Vespa accessories. This Italian scooter brand has been number one in retro scooters since 1946.

Vespa was founded by Rinaldo Piaggio and is well-known worldwide for many years now. In addition to the classic Vespa, currently there are beautiful new models available such as the Vespa 946 or the Vespa Elletrica.

Use Vespa accessories to upgrade your Vespa and enjoy the freedom.

We know how much fun it is to go on adventure on a scooter or maxi scooter. Then you don't have to worry about traffic jams. EasyParts therefore has listed all accessories for your Vespa.

Does your Vespa have enough storage room for the trip?

Whether you have a Vespa GTS or a Vespa GTV, you want to keep all your personal belongings safe. The luggage can easily be placed on a luggage rack. We have luggage racks from Vespa or Cupini. Convenient and easy to use to carry everything you need.

Do you already have the right Vespa accessories to improve comfort?

Choose a nice two-person seat for your Vespa scooter or maxi scooter. Many saddles are available in the same material as the backrest of the top box. The backrest will provide the passenger with maximum comfort while driving. Take your kid along on a safe and comfortable Stamatakis child seat. This seat is easy to install and equipped with security to prevent theft.

Are you looking for a Vespa accessory to use navigation?

Use a PMP Multimedia system for your Vespa GTS. The PMP system can be connected to your smartphone for easy navigation and for all technical information about your scooter. With the installation kit you can easily install this system.

Do you already have the right Vespa accessories to protect your scooter or maxi scooter?

It is important to lock your Vespa Primavera properly when you park it. Therefore choose an original Vespa U-lock. Made of hardened steel and thanks to the built-in double locking system, your scooter will be even better secured.

We also have handlebar locks that are suitable for the Vespa Sprint or the Vespa Elettrica. This lock can be attached between the saddle and the handlebar. When not in use, the lock can be easily stored without taking space.

Did you check the Vespa windshields yet?

EasyParts guarantees you a perfect journey if your scooter or maxi scooter is equipped with the latest accessories. Choose a Novascoot windshield with a smoke tint for a sportive appearance. It will also protect you from wind, rain and insects.

Now it's time to hit the road on your Vespa for an unforgettable trip!