Novascoot Engine Parts

Engine Parts Novascoot

This Novascoot shop has been created to offer you engine parts, crankshafts, clutch segments, CDI-units and cylinders for your scooter or moped. We have carefully selected all articles for you. You can also use the filter on our website. By filling in your scooter model, everything on the website is specifically filtered for your model.  

Crankshafts by Novascoot

The crankshafts made by Novascoot are a good alternative for the genuine branded parts. Novascoot ensures the best quality for an affordable price.  At the bottom of the page is a list on which scooter this crankshaft fits.

Clutch elements Novascoot

The clutches by Novascoot are entirely produced in Italy. This allows us to guarantee the best quality. By using the filter on our website you can see which clutches are suitable for your vehicle. You can find at the bottom of the page which recommended items fit this product. Be sure to take a look here!

Cylinders Novascoot

Novascoot cylinders are made of cast iron and designed to replace your original cylinder. Make sure when ordering your cylinder that you order the right size. Some cylinders are delivered without cylinder head. This will be indicated on the product.

CDI-Units Novascoot

The Novascoot CDI-units can be used if your scooter or moped engine runs irregularly. Because the connections are different, it is important to make sure you order the right CDI.