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Saddles have to endure a lot: weight, heat and cold, rain and snow, but also UV rays. Due to constant use, unfortunately, a saddle no longer looks like it did when it was first used. Cracks and holes may form.

Buddy seat or monoseat.

If your saddle is very worn and no longer looks elegant, or maybe you just want to change your style and try a different color, we can help. EasyParts offers a wide selection of single and double seats for a wide range of vehicle models, from Vespa till Piaggio, Yamaha or Peugeot. We also have heated saddles. Saddles can be found in a large number of colors, with or without a stitched edge. As an alternative, we also offer saddles from the manufacturers TNT or XTreme. Here you will find saddles for 1 or 2 people on our homepage.
Our vehicle filter will help you find the right seat for your vehicle model. After entering the make, model and type of scooter in the search filter, you will see a selection of items that belong to your vehicle. 

A saddle cover for your vehicle.

A good way to "renew" the saddle is to buy a saddle cover.
If the saddle itself is still usable but the cover is no longer nice and worn, you can easily replace it in a few simple steps and simply attach the new one to the old one. In our online shop you will find original covers in classic colors, but also with floral motifs(SYM), the popular Carbon Look is also available for Yamaha seat covers. How about a Cobra motif by XTreme or a classic leather look from TNT? All manufacturers offer high-quality alternative seat covers or two-seater seat covers for different vehicle models. 

Accessories for saddles.

Are you no longer able to open and close your saddle? This can be due to a defective gas spring, we can also solve the problem here.