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The Spanish manufacturer of scooter variators, J.Costa innovates the design of its articles. This one has gliding weights to replace the traditional variator weights. Rapid acceleration,reduced vibration are some of the qualities that can be obtained with these variators.

The EVO model already includes the EVO2 version that exists for the maxi scooter Forza 250i 4T which is equipped with a stainless steel cap, it is made using CNCtechnique which provides it with an impeccable quality. Then the EVO3 version, designed for Joymax, GTS-Evo or X-Motion 250, which is the new generation, allows a better engine speed and will satisfy many users.

Not to mention the J.Costa  PRO variator that can be selected for  Agility 125, C600 Sport or Kymco Grand Dink 150. Its parts, such as the bronze ring with Teflon inserts or the new-generation Hi-Tech weights make the J.Costa variator a guarantee of quality and innovation.

Clutches J.Costa

J.Costa did not only design variators for scooters but also looked at the discs and clutch kit. Centrifugal force plays an essential role in this revolutionary system that allows the transverse movement of the weights.

Variator weigth sets J.Costa

J.Costa offers a vast assortment of variator weights that you can find in sets of ten or twelve and in different weights. Whether you need a set of 10 variator weigths 20mm 05.0gr. or a set of 12 weights 25mm 11.0gr., we have them all!

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