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Large selection of handlebars and matching accessories

Do you need a new handlebar for your moped or scooter? Or maybe a brake lever, clutch lever or a matching mirror? Then you are exactly right in this group! Here you will find everything that has to do with a steering wheel.

Handlebar - an important part of the steering mechanism

The handlebars provide ample space for controls such as rear-view mirror, throttle and brake, clutch, light switch and horn. At EasyParts you will find handlebars in various shapes and colors of the brands Buzzetti, NoEnd, T.F.L and TNT.

Simple and heated grips

Are the grips of your scooter already worn out? Or do you just want to change the look of your scooter? Then you are in good hands with the handlebar grips group. Here you will find handles from different manufacturers such as Malossi, Polini, RMS, TNT and many others. Do you also want to drive comfortably in the cold season? Then take a look at the heated grips group. Heated grips keep your hands very warm, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Well protected with handguards

The handguards protect your hands against wind and weather and in the event of a fall. It doesn't matter whether you ride on the road, off-road or on the track.

Handlebar weights prevent increased vibration

At EasyParts you will find a large selection of practical handlebar weights from well-known manufacturers. Have you mounted a top box or windshield on your scooter? Then think about the right handlebar weights. The handlebar weights help to balance your scooter while driving and reduce vibrations.
Handlebar weights are factory fitted on larger scooters. If you want to replace the handlebars, you will also need to fit new handlebar weights to match the new handlebars. This allows you to travel safely.

Practical handlebar accessories can be found at EasyParts

No matter what accessories you are looking for for your scooter, whether it be handlebar clamp blocks, handlebar clamps, handlebar pads, ignition locks or brake cylinder covers, we have all items from different manufacturers for you in our range.