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The different gaskets at EasyParts

We always need gaskets on a scooter or motorcycle. There are different types of gaskets. We have all the gaskets you need for your two-wheeler. We offer engine gaskets, shaft seals, water pump gaskets, complete gasket sets, sealing paste or even A4 sheets of gasket paper to cut to size.

Complete gasket sets so that you lack nothing

From brands such as Centauro you can get complete gasket sets with all gaskets you need. TNT or RMS are alternative brands that also make engine gasket sets. The engine gasket kits available on our website are designed for Aprilia, Honda, Derbi, Gilera and many other famous brands. Whether you drive a Vespino moped, a 50 speed Yamaha DT, a Vespa PK scooter or even a Kymco Dink maxi scooter, we have the right engine gaskets for you.

No seal without water pump gasket

Scooters with liquid-cooled engines are equipped with a water pump. For example, you will find a water pump on MBK scooters, such as the Nitro, or on a Gilera, such as the Runner. The water pump ensures that your engine is cooled. Without a good water pump gasket, the water pump is not tight enough. The gasket of the water pump ensures a perfect seal of the pump, which can do its job by transporting the coolant to the radiator.

Top engine gaskets for your cylinder set

The top motor of your scooter is the cylinder part. With us you will find the cylinder, the cylinder head, the rocker arm and the valves. In order for your powerful engine to function properly, it is essential that your gaskets are reliable and watertight. Always buy good engine gaskets for your scooter. We offer various brands of engine gaskets, for example from Barikit, Novascoot and Centauro. We offer cylinder head gaskets, engine gaskets, valve gaskets and also valve cover gaskets.

The different oil seals listed on the EasyParts site

Your crankshaft is the part that comes to mind when we talk about oil seals. The crankshaft is located in the crankcase. The crankshaft is equipped with bearings, but also shaft gaskets. Oil seals are also visible on the fork, on the primary or secondary drive shaft or even on the water pump. Choose from the different seals, scooter seals, maxi scooter seals or even motor seals.