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The power will be forwarded thanks to the variator.

The variator is an essential part for your scooter or moped. The variator is the piece that changes the gears of your engine. It is made up of several single parts. The variator consists of a variator pulley, a cover, variator weightsrollers and a bush.

The variator needs sliders.

The variator sliders are small V-shaped plastic elements that sit on the variator cap. The variator sliders can also be called the variator plugs. We offer the brands TNT, RMS and Top Performances. We have sliders for different models of scooters or maxi scooters. For Piaggio, Yamaha or Peugeot among many others, you will have the choice of many sliders for the variator on our site.

The variatore with a half pulley.

The ventilated half pulley is part of the variator. The main known brands produce variator half-pulley. Find the fixed or ventilated half-pulleys Air Speed, Air Speed Evo, Hi-Speed, Maxi Air Speed and all the others by Polini. Without forgetting the  Ventilvar 2000 or Ventilvar MHR offered by Malossi. Top Performances and Buzzetti have variator pulleys in their product repertoire. Whether for vertical or horizontal Minarelli engine, for Honda scooters or maxi scooters or even Piaggio, we have it.

You gain a lot with different rollers.

Variator rollers are required. The variator rollers, also called variator weights, allow your motor to change speed by overturning the mobile cheek against the pulley which, with the circular movement called dummy or centrifugal force, will change gear. The weight of the rollers is therefore important in this action. Remember to check the size of the rollers you have to choose on our site, there are different sizes. We offer a filter with dimensions to facilitate your search.

Change your variator when necessary.

You want more distribution from your engine, so opt for a new variator. Among the choices offered, discover the J.Costa, Malossi, Polini, Yasuni and Top Racing. Many of these drives are sold as kits. The variator kit can contain a fixed half pulley, a ventilated pulley, rollers, a bush, variator, variator shims, a thrust springgrease or also a variator belt for the most complete. Don't miss the variator that will make the difference.