Privacy policy

Privacy statement

1) Information about the collection of personal data and contract data by the responsible person for data

1.1 We are glad that you visit our website and thank you for your interest. Hereunder we inform you about how we treat your personal data when you use our website. Personal data in this case mean all the data with which you can be identified in person.

1.2 The responsible person of the data processing on this website according to the General regulation data protection (AVG) is, Netwerk 130, 1446WR Purmerend, Nederland, , E-Mail: The responsible person for data processing is a natural person or juridical person who defines, alone or with others, the goals and the means for the processing of personal data.

1.3 Due to safety reasons and to protect the transmission of personal data and other confidential data (for example orders or requests which you send to the person responsible for data processing) this website uses SSL- and TSL-encryption. You can recognize an encrypted connection by the string ‘https://’ and the encryption pictogram in the address bar of your browser.

2) Data gathering when visiting our website

When you just visit our site, without registering or otherwise transmitting data to us, we only collect the data which your browser sends to our server (the so-called server log). When you visit our website we collect the data which is technically necessary to show you our website:

  • Which part of our website you visit
  • Date and time of the visit
  • Transmitted amount of data in bytes
  • From which website you found the connection to our website
  • Browser used
  • Operating system used
  • IP-address used (possibly rendered anonymous )

The processing will take place according to article 6, part 1, point f, AVG according to our justified interest in improving the stability and the functioning of our website. The data will not transmitted nor used for other purposes. We however want to maintain the right to control server logs afterwards, if substantial information indicates illegal usage.

3) Hosting & Content Delivery Network KeyCDN

On our website we use a so-called Content Delivery Network ("CDN") of the technical service provider proinity GmbH, Rümikerstrasse 60, 8409 Winterthur, Switzerland ("KeyCDN"). A content delivery network is an online service which is mainly used for the delivery of large media files (such as graphics, website content or scripts) through a network of regional distributed servers that are connected to each other via the Internet. Using the KeyCDN's Content Delivery Network helps us to increase the loading speed of our website to optimize.The processing is carried out in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) GDPR on the basis of us legitimate interest in a safe and efficient facility, as well as improving the stability and functionality of our website. More information about KeyCDN's privacy policy can be found at:

4) Cookies

To make it easier to use our website and to enable certain functions, we use the so-called cookies on various pages. This means small amount of text files will be stored on your computer system. Some of the cookies (so-called session cookies) we use, will be deleted after the browser session is ended, so when you close your browser. Other kinds of cookies may remain on your computer and enable us or our third parties (cookies from third parties) to recognize your browser on a next visit (permanent cookies). If cookies are used, these collect and process personal data information like browser and location information and IP- addresses. Permanent cookies will be automatically erased after a certain period of time. This period can differ by each type of cookie.

These cookies will be in part used to simplify the order process (for example to remember the virtual shopping cart for a next visit to our site). If, through specific cookies of ours, personal data will be processed this will happen according to article 6, part 1, point b) AVG to execute the agreement in accordance with article 6, point 1, point f) AVG to protect our justified interest in making the website function in the best way possible and to create a customer friendly and effective experience of the visit to the website.

We work together with advertising partners which help us to enhance our internet offer as much as possible for you. While visiting our website also cookies from third party companies will be stored on your hard disk (third party cookies). We will inform you about the use and the size of this specifically collected information in the following parts separately and individually.

Please note that you can organize your browse in such a way that you will be informed about the adding of cookies and you can decide any time if you want to accept or not in certain circumstances or want to refuse them in general. Every browser has its own settings with regards to the cookie settings. This is described in the Help menu of every browser, where it is explained how to change your cookie settings. This information is for every browser according to the following links:

Microsoft Edge:

Please to keep in mind that if you refuse certain cookies on your pc, some functions of our website can only be used in a limited way.

5) Contacting us

5.1 Reminder of review (not sent via a customer review system) We use your e-mail address to send you a one-time reminder to provide a review of your ordering experience for the purpose of the review system used by us, if you notify us during or after your order in accordance with Article 6(1). point a) GDPR you have given your express consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending a message to the controller.

5.2 When you contact us ( for example via the contact form or email), personal data will be collected. Which data will be collected through the contact form, is evinced from the according contact form. These data will only be used for answering your request or for contacting you and the necessary administrative technical data will be used and stored. The legal basis for this is the fact that we have the justified reason to answer your request according to article 6, part 1, point f) AVG. Should you contact us to make an agreement with us, then the justified reason for consulting the data is article 6, part 1 point b) AVG. Your data will be cancelled after you have closed your request. This will happen when the circumstances indicate that the concerned matter has been solved and under the condition that no legal registration obligations are necessary.

6) Data processing when making a client account and for the execution of the agreement.

According to article 6, part 1, point b) AVG personal data will be gathered and processed when you give them to us for the execution of the agreement or when creating a customer account. Which data will be gathered, will evince itself from the form to be compiled. Your account can be removed on any given moment. This is possible by sending a message to the person responsible for data gathering. We archive your data and use this data for executing the agreement. After the complete execution of the agreement or when the customer account has to be removed, your data will be – with respect to fiscal and commercial law established period- blocked and after the necessary period cancelled, if you did not particularly declared that you agree with the fact that your data will be further stored or if it is allowed to keep on using your data in a way which is legally allowed and of which we inform you hereunder.

7) Usage of your data for direct marketing

Subscribe to our email newsletter

When you subscribe to our email newsletter, we will send your information about our offers on a regular basis. For registration for our newsletter you only need to give us your email address (obligatory). The supply of further information is based on a voluntary basis and is meant to address you in personal manner. For sending you the newsletter we choose the ‘double –opt-in’ procedure. This means that we will only send you our email newsletter after you have explicitly have given your consent to send these newsletter. After this we will send you an email where you are asked to confirm that in the future you want to receive newsletters by clicking on the link.

By activating the confirmation link, you give us permission to use your personal data according to article 6, part 1, point a) AGV. On registering for our newsletter we archive the IP- address registered at your internet provider and date and time of registering to ascertain possible misuse of your email address if necessary afterwards. The data you provided for receiving the newsletter will only be used for advertising purposes through our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any given time through the relevant link in the newsletter or by sending a message to the responsible person as mentioned above. After cancellation, your address will be immediately removed from our data base of receivers of newsletters, and if you have not given specific permission for further use of your data or if we have the privilege to keep on using the data on the way permitted legally and by means of which we inform you in this newsletter.

8) Data processing for the execution of an order

8.1 The personal data collected by us will be passed on to the shipping company commissioned with the delivery as part of the contract processing, insofar as this is necessary for the delivery of the goods. If we owe you updates for goods with digital elements or for digital products on the basis of a contract, we will process the contact details provided by you with the order (name, address, e-mail address) in order to inform you in accordance with our legal obligation to provide information. art. 6 (1) lit. c AVG within the legally established term to inform you personally about upcoming updates via suitable means of communication (e.g. by post or e-mail). our contact details will only be used to inform you about updates owed by us and will only be processed by us for this purpose to the extent necessary for the relevant information. We pass on your payment data to the commissioned credit institution in the context of payment processing, insofar as this is necessary for payment processing. If payment service providers are used, we will inform you about this explicitly below. The legal basis for the transfer of data is Art. 6 (1) lit. b AVG.

8.2 To be able to carry out our contractual commitments towards our customers, we work together with external freight forwarders. Your name and delivery address will be conveyed in accordance with article 6, part 1, point b)AVG only for the delivery of the goods to a forwarder we have chosen.

8.3 Informing transport service about personal data

- PostNL
When the delivery of good is carried out by courier PostNL (Koninklijke post NL BV, Prinses Beatrixlaan 23, 2595 AK Den Haag, Nederland), then we will give your email address to PostNL in accordance with article 6, part 1, point a), AVG to be able to agree upon a delivery date or the moment of delivery, if you have given explicit authorisation for this during ordering. In other cases we will only convey the name and the address of the receiver in accordance with article 6, part 1, point b), AVG. The information will only be given to third parties when this is necessary for the delivery of goods. It is not possible to agree upon a delivery date in advance with PostNL and no delivery will be communicated in advance.
Your authorisation can be revoked at any given moment for future deliveries to the responsible person or to the courier PostNL.

If the delivery of the articles is carried out by UPS (United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co. Görlitzer Straße 1, 41460 Neuss, Germany) then we will give your email address according to article 6, point 1, section a), AVG to UPS so that UPS can contact your to agree upon delivery of goods or comunicate the moment of delivery, as far as you have agreed to this explicitely while ordering. In other cases we will only comunicate according to article 6, point 1, section b), AVG the name and address of the receiver to UPS. Conveying of information to thirds parties only happens when this is necessary for delivery. It is not possible to establish a date of delivery on beforehand with UPS and no communication about the moment of delivery will take place.
You can revoke your authorisation at any given moment for future situations to the designated person or to the forwarder UPS.

8.4  Use of payment service providers (payment providers)

- Adyen
When you decide to use payment service provider Adyen, then the execution of your payment will be carried out by payment service provider Adyen, Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6 – 50, 1011 DJ Amsterdam, Nederland, to whom we will give any necessary information besides your order information (name, address, IBAN, Bic, total invoice amount, currency, and transaction number) according to article 6, part 1 point b) AVG. Transmitting your data will only be done to be able to receive your payment through the payment service provider Adyen and only when necessary.
- Klarna
Upon selecting the Klarna payment services, the payment will be handled by Klarna Bank AB (publ) [], Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, (hereafter "Klarna" ). To be able to execute your payment, your personal data (first and last name, address, postcode, city, sex, email address, telephone number and IP-address) and information regarding the order (for example , total of invoice, article, shipment) could be given to Klarna for identity control or creditworthiness control, under the condition that you have expressed explicitly your consent as per art. 6, part 1, point a) with regards to the DSGVO regarding the order process. Here you can find out to which financial institutions your data may be transmitted: 09241914.1567003764-1767806299.1567003764
The creditworthiness information could contain probability levels (scores). If in the result of the creditworthiness information scores will be taken into account, these are based on scientifically recognized mathematical-statistical procedures. Address information will be, but not only, taken into account in these scores. Klarna uses this obtained information to calculate a statistical probability of non-payment for decision regarding the commitment, execution or termination of a contractual relationship.
You can revoke in any moment your permission by sending a message to the responsible persona for data management or to Klarna. Klarna might still have the right to manage your personal data if this is still necessary to process the payment in accordance to the agreement.
Your personal data will be dealt with in accordance to the law with regards to the protection of personal data and in accordance with the information about the rules applied by Klarna regarding the protection of personal data for the people concerned in the Netherlands: 09241914.1567003764-1767806299.1567003764
- Paypal
With payments through PayPal – buying with a credit card via PayPal, direct debit through PayPal or , if ‘buy on charge’ or ‘instalments’ via PayPal as ways of payments – we will give your payment data in accordance with the payment transaction to PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxemburg (hereafter ’PayPal’). This conveying of information is in accordance with article 6,part 1, point b), AVG and only if this information is necessary for the payment transaction.
PayPal is entitled to run a credit check if you buy with a credit card via PayPal, direct debit through PayPal or , if ‘buy on charge’ or ‘instalments’ as ways of payments. Your payment details will transferred to a credit bureau therefore, in accordance with article 6, part 1, point f), AVG on the basis of the fact that PayPal is entitled to check your solvability. The result of the credit analysis with relevance to the statistical probability of non-payment will be used by PayPal to decide if to allow the use the chosen payment method. The credit rating can contain probability values (so-called score values) As far as these score values are taken into consideration in the credit solvability, these are calculated based on scientifically recognised mathematical – statistical procedures. In the calculation of the score values are taken into account amongst others, but not only, also address details. Further information with regards to data protection , for example used by credit bureaus, can be found at PayPal:
You can oppose to the processing of your data at any given moment by sending a message to PayPal. However, Paypal is entitled to check your personal data if this is necessary for the execution of the contractual regulations for the payments.
Upon selecting the payment method “SOFORT” your payment will be dealt with by the payment service provider SOFORT GmbH, Theresienhöhe 12, 80339 München, Germany (hereafter “SOFORT”), with regards to your order to whom we will transmit the information you shared with us in accordance with art. 6 part 1 point b AVG. Sofort GmbH is part of the Klarna Group (Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 11134 Stockholm, Sweden). The transmission of your data will occur in accordance with the goal of management of your payment by SOFORT and only in such a way as is necessary. Hereunder in the internet address you will be able to find further declarations regarding data protection by SOFORT:

9) Web analysis services

9.1 Google (Universal) Analytics
This website uses Google (Universal) Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland('Google'). Google (Universal) Analytics uses so-called cookies. These are text files which will be stored on your computer which make it possible to analyse how you use the website. The thus gathered information about your usage of this website (including your shortened IP address)will be in general send to a server of Google and stored. This allows transfer to servers from Google LLC. in the U.S.
This website uses Google (Universal) Analytics only with the extension ‘_anonymizeIp()’, which anonimizes the IP-address by shortening it, which make personal identification impossible. By means of this extension your IP-address will be shortened within the European Union and in other countries that adhere to the Agreement regarding the European Area. Only in specific cases the entire IP-address will be transmitted to the Google LLC server in the U.S. and then shortened.
Google will use this information because we asked so, to be able to analyse your usage of the website, to inform us about your activities on our website and other services in connection with the usage of the website and the internet. With regards to the processing of your IP-address of your browser to Google (Universal) Analytics, this IP-address will not be connected to other information of Google.
Google Analytics also makes it possible to compile statistics with statements about the age, gender and interests of the visitors to the website based on an evaluation of interest-based advertising and with the inclusion of information from third parties through a special function, the so-called 'demographic characteristics'. This makes it possible to define and differentiate user groups of the website with a view to a target group-oriented orientation of marketing measures. However, the via the “demographics” data records collected cannot be assigned to a specific person.
More information about the processing performed and how Google uses data from websites can be found here:
All the processing options described above, especially Google’s posting of Analytics cookies for reading information used on the end device,are only carried out if you have given your explicit consent in accordance with Article 6, part 1, point a, AVG. Without this permission, the use of Google Analytics will not take place while you visit our website. You may withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future. To exert your right of blocking permission you must deactivate this service in the ‘cookie consent tools’ offered on the website. For the use of Google Analytics we have a Google-based processing agreement, which requires Google to protect the data of our website visitors and not to disclose it to third parties. For the transfer of data from the EU to the US, Google refers to the so-called standard clauses on data protection of the European Union Commission, which is intended to ensure the compliance with the European Union data protection level in the US. For more information about Google (Universal) Analytics, see:

9.2 Google Analytics 4
This website uses Google Analytics 4, a service from Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland ("Google"), to analyse the use of the website.
When using Google Analytics 4 as standard procedure so-called ‘cookies’ are used. Cookies are text files which are stored on your end device and that enable an analysis of your use of a website. The information collected by these cookies about your use of the website (including the IP-address transmitted by your device, abbreviated with the last three numbers, see below) is usually forwarded to a Google server and stored and elaborated. This can lead to information being transmitted to servers from Google LLC in the USA, where the information can be elaborated further.
By using Google Analytics 4 the IP-address that is transmitted and elaborated by your end device, will be communicated when you use the website, always automatically and standard only in an anonymous way. As a result, the collected information cannot be connected to any individual. The automatic anonymization is carried out by Google though the IP-address, which your end device will send within the member states of the European Union or other countries with contracts with the European Economic Area (EER), the last digits are anonymized.
Google uses this information and other details in our name to analyse your usage of the website, to make reports about your web activities and user behaviour and to communicate to us your web usage and the internet connection. Regarding these reports, your end device, in the scope of Google Analytics 4 will enter it and the abbreviated IP-address will not be connected to this information from Google. The data in the scope of usage by Google Analytics 4 will be stored for 2 months after which it will be erased.
Google Analytics 4 also makes it possible to make statistics with regards to your age, sex and interest interests of web users on the basis of an evaluation of advertising based on interest and by the storage of information of third parties through a special function, the so-called ‘demographic features’. This makes it possible to identify groups of users and to differentiate regarding the marketing content. The data, which is collected by the ‘demographic features’, are not able to be connected to a specific person and therefore not to you personally. The data collected by ‘demographic features’ will be stored for two months and then erased.
The elaboration options described above, in particular the placing of the Google Analytic cookies for storage and reading of information on the used end device will only be executed if you give us your specific authorization as per article 6, part 1, point a), AVG. Without this authorization, Google Analytics 4 will not be activated if you use our website. You can cancel your authorization any time. To use your right of withdrawal, you can deactivate your permission through the ‘Cookie Consent Tool’ on the website.
For our usage of Google Analytics 4 we have a so-called processing agreement with Google, which obliges Google to protect the data of our website and not to give it to third parties.
To make sure that they abide by the European level of data protection, also, when data is transferred from the EU or the EER to the USA and further elaboration of the data there, Google refers to the so-called standard contractual clauses of the European Commission, which we contractually agreed upon with Google.
Further legal information about Google Analytics 4, including a copy of the before mentioned standard contractual clauses can be found via the following link

9.3 - Hotjar (hotjar Ltd.)
This website uses the web analytics service Hotjar from Hotjar Ltd.. Hotjar Ltd. is an European company based in Malta (Hotjar Ltd, Level 2, St Julians Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julians STJ 1000, Malta, Europa tel.: +1 (855) 464-6788).
With this tool, movements on the website on which Hotjar is being used, can be traced (the so-called heat maps) For example, you can recognize how far users scroll land and how often users click which buttons. In addition, it is also possible with the help of this tool to receive direct feedback collection from users on the website. In this way, valuable information is collected to make our website even faster and more customer-friendly. We check the use of the tool in particular on the protection of your personal data We can only check which buttons you click and how far you scroll. Parts of the website where your personal data is stored of you or third parties are automatically protected by Hotjar and therefore this data is not traceable.
All processing described above, in particular the reading of information on the used end device, will be only carried out if you expressly inform us to do so by giving your consent in accordance with article 6, part 1, point a), AVG. Without this consent, Hotjar will not be used when you visit our website..
You can cancel your authorisation any moment so it will not be used in the future. To stop your consent, you need to deactivate it on the ‘Cookie Consent Tool’ on the website.
Hotjar offers every user the possibility to stop the tool Hotjar by a ‘Do Not Track-Headers, to make sure that not data about your visit on the designated site is being stored. This regards a setting that supports all common browsers in the current versions. To this end, your browser sends a request to Hotjar, instructing it to stop following the specific user. If you use our website with various browsers or computers, you must activate the ‘Do Not Track-Header’ for every computer/ browser separately.
More information for your browser can be found on: :
More information about Hotjar Ltd and about the tool Hotjar can be found on:
The privacy declaration of Hotjar Ltd. can be found here:

10) Retargeting / remarketing /suggestions advertisement

10.1 Retargeting

10.2 Google Ads Remarketing

This website uses the online advertising program "Google Ads" and, within the scope of Google Ads, the conversion tracking of Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland ("Google"). We use Google Ads to highlight our attractive offers on external websites using advertising media (so-called Google Adwords). We can determine how successful the individual advertising measures are in relation to the data from the advertising campaigns. In this way, we aim to show you advertising that interests you, to make our website more interesting for you and to obtain a fair calculation of the advertising costs incurred. The conversion tracking cookie is set when a user clicks on an ad placed by Google. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your end device. These cookies usually lose their validity after 30 days and are not used for personal identification. If the user If you visit certain pages of this website and the cookie has not yet expired, Google and we can recognize that the user clicked on the ad and was forwarded to this page. Each Google Ads customer receives a different cookie. Therefore, cookies cannot be tracked on websites of Google Ads customers. The information obtained with the conversion cookie is used to compile conversion statistics for Google Ads customers who have opted for conversion tracking. Customers know the total number of users who clicked on their ad and were redirected to a page with a tracking tag conversions. However, they do not receive any information that can be used to personally identify users. The use of Google Ads may also lead to the transfer of personal data to the servers of Google LLC. in the U.S. Details about the processing initiated by Google Ads Conversion Tracking and how Google handles data from websites can be found here: All processing described above, in particular the setting of cookies for reading information on the terminal device used, will only be carried out if you have given us your express consent in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR. You can withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by deactivating this service in the 'Cookie Consent Tool' on the website. You can also permanently object to the setting of cookies by Google Ads conversion tracking by downloading and installing the Google browser plug-in available at the following link: hl=nl We point out that you may not be able to use certain functions of this website or only to a limited extent if you have disabled the use of cookies. Google's privacy policy can be found here:

11) Usage of videos

11.1 Usage of YouTube videos

This website uses YouTube-imbedding functions to indicate and play videos of the provider ‘YouTube’, which is part of Google Ireland, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland ('Google’).

In this case the ‘extended data protection modus’ is applied, where the storage of user information according to the provider only begins when the videos is being played or if the videos will be activated. When the reproduction of the imbedded YouTube videos will be started, then the provider will activate ‘YouTube’ cookies to collect information regarding the consumer behaviour. According to the information of ‘YouTube’ this information is used to create video statistics, to enhance the user friendliness and to avoid illegal activities. When you are registered on Google, your data will directly connected to your account when you click a video. If you want to avoid that your profile will we connected to YouTube, you have to unregister before activating. You have to right to object to this user profiling, to execute this right you should contact directly YouTube. While using YouTube it is possible that personal data will be conveyed to the server of Google LLC in the United States.

Except the reproduction of imbedded videos , at every visit to our website a connection to the Google network will be established, which can lead to further data processing without our influence on that.

< All processing described above, in particular the reading of information on the used terminal device via the tracking pixel, is only carried out if you have given us your express consent in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a). GDPR. Without this permission, Youtube videos will not be used during your visit to the site. You can withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future. To make a revocation, you can deactivate this service in the "cookie consent tool" offered on the website via alternative options communicated to you on the website.

Further information on data protection at "YouTube" can be found in Youtube's terms of use at and in Google's privacy statement at nl/policies/privacy

11.2 Google reCAPTCHA

On our website we also use reCAPTCHA functions from Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland (’Google’). This function is necessary to understand if the insertion is done by a natural person or improperly by a machine in an automated way. This service includes the transmission of the IP-address and other possible information which Google needs for the reCAPTCHA function to Google and takes place accordingly to Article 6, part 1, point f),AVG, based on the justified necessity to determine the individual freedom of will of transactions on the internet and to avoid abuse and spam. When using reCAPTCHA, transmission of personal data to a server of Google in the U.S. is possible. More information regarding Google reCAPTCHA and the privacy policy of Google can be found on:

12) Others

This website uses a so-called 'cookie consent tool' to obtain effective user consent for cookies and cookie-based applications that require consent. The 'cookie consent tool' is presented to users in the form of an interactive user interface when they access the page, where consent to certain cookies and/or cookie-based applications can be given by checking the appropriate box. By using the tool, all cookies/services that require consent are loaded only if the concerned user consents to this by ticking the corresponding box. This ensures that such cookies are only placed on the user's terminal device if permission has been given. The tool sets technically necessary cookies to store your cookie preferences. Personal user data is generally not processed. If, in individual cases, personal data (such as the IP address) is processed to save, assign or log cookie settings, this is done in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) GDPR on the basis of our legitimate interest in a legal conformance, user-specific and user-friendly consent management for cookies and thus for a legally compliant design of our website. The further legal basis for the processing is Article 6(1)(c) GDPR. As the responsible party, we are legally obliged to make the use of technically unnecessary cookies dependent on the user's consent. More information about the operator and the setting options of the cookie consent tool can be found directly in the corresponding user interface on our website.hl=nl.

13) Data subjects rights

13.1 With reference to the applicable law for data protection you are entitled to extensive data protection rights (information- and intervention rights) towards the responsible person for the processing of your personal data, of which we will inform you hereunder:

  • Right to disclosure according to article 15, AVG;
  • Right of rectification according to article 16, AVG;
  • Right of deletion of data according to article 17, AVG;
  • Right to limit the processing according to article 18, AVG;
  • Right of information according to article 19, AVG;
  • Right of transferability of data according to article 20, AVG;
  • Right to withdraw permission according to article 7, part 3, AVG;
  • Right to file a complaint according to article 77, AVG.





14) Duration of the storage of personal data

The duration of the storage of personal data is determined by the respectively lawful storage time (for example fiscal storage time and commercial law storage time). After the expiring of this time the relevant data will be systematically deleted, if they are no longer need for the execution of preparation of the agreement and we do not have any longer the justified reason for a prolongation of storage.

The Privacy statement in any other language than Dutch is to be considered a translation. Only the original Dutch version of the Privacy Statement is binding.

Updated: 2023.02.24

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