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Lighting: seeing and being seen, the most important thing in road traffic.

The purpose of the lighting is to give the driver a good view. It also ensures that other road users can see you in the dark or in bad weather. Lighting, also regulated by law, shows other road users what type of vehicle it is and can therefore estimate the width, height and length, which leads to fewer accidents.

EasyParts scooter parts ensures your safety

We have a large selection of different indicators, halogen lamps, reflectors or taillights and headlights. Maybe you also want to tune your scooter with lighting? Here you will also find special lighting according to your taste. To find the right item for your vehicle, simply enter your make, model and type of your scooter into the vehicle filter.

Show your driving direction with the turn signal

In our range you will find original indicators from different brands such as Yamaha or Vespa, but also indicators from alternative manufacturers such as TNT or RMS. There are also flashing light sets, separate flashing lights, flashing relays or flashing caps in case one breaks.

Find the right bulbs for your lighting

Do you have a defective lamp? No problem ! With us you will find a large selection of lamps for headlights, indicators, taillights or for speedometer and license plate lighting. We offer both halogen lamps and LED lamps.

Play it safe with reflectors

Reflectors are important to be recognized by cars at dusk and in the dark. Reflectors come in different shapes. Whether oval, rectangular or round reflectors, you will find what you are looking for at EasyParts.

Make sure you can also be seen from behind

Safety during your rides is paramount, which also includes a solid rear light and brake light. We also have license plate lighting in our range. You can use our vehicle filter to find and select the right light for your vehicle model.

The headlight shows you the way

The job of a headlamp is to illuminate the road ahead for you, ensuring a safe journey. In our shop we offer not only single headlamps and headlamp holders, but also optical masks or even fork fairings.

Another look for your scooter

TNT offers various tuning lighting - from LED tapes in different colors to neon lamps, which can be attached to the vehicle as floor lighting.