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Accessories of Piaggio, the most popular brand for scooters and maxi scooters at EasyParts.

There is no doubt that Piaggio is the most famous brand in the world of scooters. This is also the reason why EasyParts has all accessories for the scooters and maxi scooters Piaggio.

It is very easy to find the right Piaggio accessories for your scooter!

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Do you have the right Piaggio accessories for your scooter?

For people who drive to work with a Piaggio MP3 all year round, comfort is very important. With a heated saddle you make the ride even more pleasant. This saddle can be perfectly combined with heated handlebar muffs. This ensures a pleasant ride regardless of the season or weather.

Already have a Piaggio accessory to use your GPS or smartphone?

Nowadays it is common to take your smartphone with you wherever you go. Piaggio has thought of this. Choose from the Piaggio range for the right multimedia platform. We also offer hands-free Bluetooth communication kits that allow you to listen to music or even follow instructions from your GPS system without missing a call.

What about the accessories to protect your Piaggio scooter?

If you own a Piaggio Liberty and want to protect your scooter, you can opt for a protective cover. This cover makes your scooter look like new and protects your scooter from dirt and dust. The scooter is also protected against damage due to weather conditions or when it is parked. The protective covers are equipped with an anti-theft ring and reflective strips. For drivers who ride a Piaggio Medley, we have the original protective vehicle cover made specifically for this model. If you want to protect the footboard, choose the original floor mat. This mat also serves as an anti-slip layer, which offers even more comfort.

Do you have enough storage space on your Piaggio scooter?

Drivers of scooters and maxi scooters like to store their helmet safely. You can also take personal belongings with you in a Piaggio top case. With capacities from 28 till 50 litres, the top cases offer plenty of space. For the drivers of a Liberty Sport scooter, we have a top box that is available in all the original colors of the scooter.

And what about the look of the Piaggio?

A popular accessory from Piaggio is the windscreen which is available in different heights. The windscreens are designed for, among other things, a Piaggio Zip, Piaggio Beverly or Piaggio MP3. The windscreen offers protection against wind, rain and various insects that you regularly encounter. The windshield also gives the scooter a different look.

With EasyParts you are undoubtedly provided with the best accessories for your scooter and maxi scooter.