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EasyParts offers the Baruffaldi range because this brand is renowned for its elegance, its refinement but above all for its luxurious quality. Baruffaldi manufactures real leather helmets, gloves, glasses and masks. Baruffaldi items are the essential elements for a perfect look for motorcyclists or scooter riders. Do not forget to pair the helmet with glasses and gloves from the same collection. When riding a motorcycle with a jet helmet, it is more comfortable to wear it in combination with an anti-pollution mask that protects from pollutants and insects, and also take a pair of helmet glasses. So don’t look anymore, the Baruffaldi store has everything you need!

Baruffaldi helmets

Baruffaldi helmets are synonymous with luxury with their artisan manufacture, their real leather, their models' crocodile' or their original design. Helmets are mostly jet models that, for certain models, can be combined with an original visor. Baruffaldi helmets are created with a lightweight cap and have a personalized touch. The Swarovski model for example is of a unique refinement and shows the attention to detail of this craftsmanship with inlaid crystals, without forgetting the helmet glasses and matching gloves. Wearing a Baruffaldi helmet, you will be sure to protect yourself well but also to attract attention. This Italian manufacturer integrates certain themes into its helmets as we can see with the Ramses helmet, the America helmet or even the Kephren helmet. It’s hard not to find the complementary accessory of the same style from Baruffaldi. A complete range for everyone’s taste that allows you to be totally original.

Outlet Baruffaldi

EasyParts could not create this shop without proposing its current promotions. That is why it is essential that we show you our Outlet Baruffaldi. It lists all helmets regardless of its version, its type, its colour or its price. The range contained in our Outlet includes all Jet helmets, Demi Jet, but also helmet goggles, sunglasses, motorcycle goggles, normal masks and anti-pollution masks that are at the end of production or simply offered with a special promotion EasyParts. It is ideal to look around here to find the best discounts proposed by our company. Have a look and then you will understand what I am talking about!

What helmet size do i need?

Buying a helmet online is no easy task when it is our first purchase or when we don’t know our helmet size. So EasyParts has thought of all with this dedicated section to help you choose the size of your helmet. We only ask you to provide a tape measure and click here.
Rest assured, EasyParts understands your needs and our Customer Service will advise you in case you receive an inappropriate size, it is always possible to send the helmet back to us in a fast and easy way, with the help of our Customer Service.

Glasses and masks Baruffaldi

Baruffaldi glasses are divided into different types of glasses, there are helmet glasses, motorcycle glasses and sunglasses, but also helmet masks. With these glasses, you can have graduated lenses on request. Most Baruffaldi glasses are equipped with interchangeable lenses and sometimes lenses of different color, for a specific use, can be supplied together with the article. Yellow lenses are often used for night driving for example, the transparent lens is the most commonly used. The helmet glasses are made of leather for the models Supercompetition, Senior, Inte and many others. You can always match your helmet to a pair of glasses Baruffaldi and you will be surely satisfied. Why deprive yourself of a touch of elegance in motion! Do not miss the anti-pollution masks Baruffaldi which are very protective against polluting particles but which also protect from insects encountered during your trip. Always handmade and genuine leather, this is what distinguishes the Baruffaldi products.

Gloves Baruffaldi

The gloves Baruffaldi are a leather accessory and very often combined with helmets created by this renowned Italian brand. The gloves can be black, camel but also lambskin or crocheted. The summer version of Baruffaldi can be worn in summer for greater lightness.Instead the crochet version is for the spring for example and the Freedom pattern or Armonie for the winter. Gloves are essential when driving on a motorbike or scooter, they protect you and give you additional comfort in cold weather. Getting a pair of leather gloves will sublimate your biker look.