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Master Mechanic Blog Index | 2015
Posted by Christopher Tersigni August 2015

On Friday, August 14, 2015, Secretary of State JFK (that’s John Forbes Kerry) cracked open the dustbin of history that is Cuba, by raising Old Glory at the US Embassy in Havana. Over fifty years have passed since the embassy has been in use... Read more...
Posted by Christopher Tersigni July 2015

I’m convinced that the Fiat Chrysler CEO, one Sergio Marchionne, has a high-powered Hollywood agent handling his publicity. I would speculate that he is even distracted by the amount of press coverage that he receives these days. Maybe I’m jealous. Read more...
Posted by Christopher Tersigni June 2015

Here I am, just trying to get my morning coffee down the gullet, and out of my nose it comes. That’s not normal, of course, but I keep reading spot after spot about autonomous cars, and I get that quick vision of the Johnny Cab driver from Total Recall... Read more...
Posted by Christopher Tersigni May 2015

Have you ever heard that saying, “If you don’t use your five senses, then your life isn't worth five cents”? If you don’t use your senses while you’re driving, then this message is for you... Read more...