Spare Parts

Look for your scooter and moped spare parts at EasyParts

In this group you will find a wide range of parts for your moped or scooter. By using our vehicle filter you can easily choose the available parts for your vehicle. Everything on the website is then filtered on the model that fits on your chosen vehicle. Also the universal parts are shown here. Keep in mind with the universal parts if they actually fit on your scooter.


The tyre group is one of the most important groups on the website. Besides the different summer and winter tyres from Michelin and Pirelli, you will also find various sizes of inner tubes. For the repair of your tyres you will find tyre irons, tyre pumps and valve caps.


In the carburettor group you will find all parts related to the carburettor of your vehicle. You will find various fuel parts such as fuel hoses, fuel pumps and fuel filters. You will also find tools to adjust your carburettor.

Body Work

The bodywork group has everything to do with the outside of your scooter or moped. Here you will find, for example, license plate holders and shock absorbers for your scooter. Also mirrors and handlebars can be found in this group. To protect your saddles EasyParts has several saddle covers.


Is your battery in need of replacement? Problems with your ignition? Or is a light broken? In this electrical group you will find everything to solve these problems. With the electrical tools and the right parts it will be repaired in no time.

You will also find various starter motors, fuses and horns. When purchasing a battery, it is useful to take a good look at the old battery number. In the passage of time, the manufacturer may change their battery. If you have any doubts, please contact customer service.

Engine Parts

The group of engine parts consists of all parts that have to do with the engine of your scooter or moped. In this group it is useful to use our vehicle filter. This way you know for sure that you are always ordering the right part. Besides the original parts, also the universal parts are shown. This is a good alternative if the original part is not available or if you are looking for a cheaper version.

For repairs you will find gaskets, bearings and oil. This way you can order everything at once for your repair.

Maintenance Parts

This group consists of parts that are used regularly and are replaced more often. Parts directly related to wear and tear include belts, chains and variator belts.

You will also find various maintenance kits for a service for your scooter. In these maintenance kits you will find the following parts: